Connecting Things That Are Inherently Disconnected

As much as we live in an overly connected world, our data online lives in seperate silos. Everything is locked down behind logins and API-less websites. That’s why startups and web apps that connect these disconnected silos are so exciting to me. I’m a huge fan of IFTTT. Olark. Zapier. Rapportive. HelloFax. Boxcar. EasyPost. Less Neglect. Instapaper. Timbre.

The common theme here is that these apps accomplish things that we feel we should be able to do. After all, our services and data are in the cloud and should be able to tap in to each other. Sometimes it reminds me of a misconfigured router in my networking class years ago: no matter how hard I try, I can’t ping the IP of the computer next to me.

This part of the internet is broken. It’s about time we start to fix it.